Key-less Entry Locks

Locksmith Seattle keyless entry lockFirst and foremost a lock was intended to protect and secure the property it was installed on which can be a residential, commercial or even automotive. With many types of locks available in the market to protect your property or belongings, its sometimes hard to make a decision. For residential and commercial properties the most common locks available are deadbolts, standard pin tumbler locks, key-less entry locks, cam locks and more. With a wide variety of locks available, it is important to determine which would have the most effective security to answer your property needs.

In recent years, key-less entry keypad based locks had become increasingly popular. The reason for that is the elimination for managing the keys to your home or business which at time saves a lot of headache. Gaining access normally is done using the keypad interface by entering a unique pin number. Once the correct pin number is entered the locking mechanism will be released and the user will be able to open the door.

Eliminating the need to manage keys brings with it many different benefits. Carry and tracking copies of keys to your property made will no longer be an issue. Since keys are not required anymore, loosing them and then calling a locksmith to get you in would be one less thing to worry about. In addition, re-keying the locks because you lost a key or you suspect a stranger might have a copy will not be necessary anymore!

Seattle locksmith commercial key-less entry lockKey-less entry locks often will have different type of hardware than a traditional lock. Most of them will not have a cylinder which means they will not be a victim of picking or lock bumping which are the common methods burglars use in order to break into homes. Another issue that has been eliminated with key-less entry lock systems is normal wear and tear of traditional locks. Many times a key will not turn a lock from one reason or another and might even break inside the cylinder because of that. Since the use of keys and cylinders are lacking in a key-less entry lock system, there will be no issues with wear and tear overtime.

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